Youme are delighted to be partnering with One Tree Planted & the Jane Goodall Institute.

This is an incredibly special wildlife habitat and corridor restoration partnership. The objective is to restore and conserve nature for biodiversity, while also supporting local communities.

The trees are to be planted in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda. An area close to where Dr. Jane Goodall began her extraordinary career and fell in love with chimpanzees – our closest wildlife relatives.


Donations here will go towards planting 3 million trees as part of a broad long-term and large-scale initiative.

A variety of local trees will be planted in the affected area based on the needs of specific planting sites. Species include Khaya, Maesopsis eminii, Cordia africana, Milicia excelsa, Albizia species, Mitrigyna stipulosa, Fantunia species, Trichilia species. Lovoa, trichiliodes, and Ficus species among others.

This will connect forests for wildlife, establish tree nurseries, strengthen forest monitoring and law enforcement to prevent future deforestation.

Therefore promoting agroforestry practices that integrate trees into farming systems, and much more.

€1 from every sale will go to this great cause.

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